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The Judas Kiss

28 Oct

Rupert Everett and Freddie Fox starred in The Judas Kiss at Bath Theatre Royal this weekend. Their performances were mesmerising.
Everett held centre stage for almost the entire performance moving from pathos, arrogance, whimsy, vanity and wit with ease and eloquence.
Fox was riveting with his manipulative Lord Alfred Douglas playing the betrayer and lover skilfully. Fox is certainly a young actor to watch out for and Everett gives David Hare’s drama a power and life rarely seen in theatre. Wilde is a tragic figure in this production abandoned and betrayed by those who purported to care for him, moving from the days before his trial and imprisonment to his last days with Bosie in Naples.  His grief over the loss of his children and Constance’s move to France with the boys is moving .  The hypocrisy and  denial amongst the ruling classes is portrayed brilliantly but in the light of recent events one cant help wondering if so much has really changed.?  When the chips are down those in power stick together to protect their backs.
If you get the chance to see this when it moves to London it is worth every minute.

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